Terms of Service (TOS)

  1. Don't change any details on your items. Use them as is.
  2. There are no refunds once you purchased a product, if there's an issue with the item we will fix it right away and if we cant fix it we will offer you an alternate service.
  3. Once your warranty ends, there won't be any replacements afterwards.
  4. NO Chargebacks, If you do that you will be permanently blacklisted from our service
  5. Always keep the account limited to single use, do not use it on multiple device
  6. account is not private
  7. not warranty resellers
  8. warranty: u get a replacement asap .
  9. if u leave a negative feedback(bad reputation), u lose all warranties in my shop and will be add to blacklist
  10. accounts are replacement when it stops working only. Pornportal account's warranty  covers number of sites (not sites)(example if you got a account with 20 sites when it stops to work you will get a replacement  with 20 sites and not the same sites)

when u make a payments, you are accepting all TOS, accounts are shared

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